NSO is shocked and appalled by the story that has been published with respect to alleged hacking of the phone of Mr. Jeff Bezos. If this story is true, then it deserves a full investigation by all bodies providing such services to assure that their systems have not been used in this abuse. Just as we stated when these stories first surfaced months ago, we can say unequivocally that our technology was not used in this instance.

These types of abuses of surveillance systems blacken the eye of the cyber intelligence community and put a strain on the ability to use legitimate tools to fight serious crime and terror. We expect that all actors in this arena put in place stringent procedures and technological controls, such as those that we have put in place, to assure that their systems are not used in an abusive manner.

These type of stories highlight the need for the surveillance community to follow our lead and implement strict Human Rights Policies and to act in a compliant manner.

As the first cyber company to undertake these type of policies we are happy to engage with the UN, Mr. Bezos or any other body in trying to fully understand these issues and to set guidelines and capabilities to assure the protection of human rights in the sale and use of surveillance equipment.