NSO Group announced today the company will reorganize and CEO Shalev Hulio will step down. Mr. Yaron Shohat, the company’s current COO, will take the lead on the company and will manage the reorganization process.


The company-wide reorganization will examine all aspects of its business, including streamlining its operations to ensure NSO remains one of the world’s leading high-tech cyber intelligence companies, focusing on NATO-member countries.


“NSO has achieved enormous global success and our technologies continue to help save lives worldwide,” Shalev Hulio said. “The company is reorganizing to prepare for its next phase of growth. Yaron is the right choice at the right time. He will be a very significant force multiplier for the continued advancement of the company.”


“NSO is an amazing company with exceptionally talented and devoted employees. The company’s products remain in high demand with governments and law enforcement agencies because of its cutting-edge technology and proven ability to assist these customers in fighting crime and terror”, said Yaron Shohat. “The global high-tech industry, has undergone a series of changes in recent years, including in the cyber intelligence sphere. NSO will ensure that the company’s groundbreaking technologies are used for rightful and worthy purposes.”

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