• Cyber intelligence technologies are necessary to address international threats of terrorism and other serious crimes. The rapid development and widespread use of encryption technology by terrorists and criminals has profoundly changed the ability of states to prevent and investigate terrorism and other serious crimes.
  • NSO is a cyber intelligence software provider.  The company licenses Pegasus solely to law enforcement and intelligence agencies of sovereign states and government agencies to legally overcome encryption challenges to address international threats of terrorism and other serious crimes.
  • NSO’s cyber intelligence tools remain in high demand with NATO-member country governments and law enforcement agencies for lawful use in fighting crime and terror.
  • NSO conducts a sector leading pre-engagement due diligence process to determine a potential customer’s suitability.  In addition, the company is fully regulated by the Israeli government, and subjected to their licensing and approvals.
  • NSO does not operate Pegasus, has no visibility into its usage, is not privy to the collected data,  nor who the customers are investigating. Pegasus is operated solely by the authorized sovereign state and/or government agencies.
  • NSO has developed and implements a rigorous and unique compliance policies and the only company in the cyber intelligence industry that adheres to the UNGP for business and human rights.  The company has terminated contracts when a misuse by the customers was found.
  • It is technologically impossible for Pegasus to operate on US (+1) numbers, nor on U.S soil, unless it were to be used by an American law enforcement agency.
  • Politically motivated critics of NSO issue “reports” that are unable to differentiate between NSO’s tools and those of other cyber intelligence companies in operation, and rely on probabilities and circumstantial protocols rather than on actual forensics.
First Annual Transparency & Responsibility Report – Read The Report That Highlights The Safeguards Against Misuse of Our Technology, And Outlines Internal Governance and Compliance Processes