Our Culture

People are our most significant asset—they are what makes NSO unique and form the foundation of our life-saving work. We achieve success through boldness and by being attuned to the responsibility our industry carries. We’re committed to facing the most daunting challenges to help make the world a safer place.

Our employees, with integrity and ethics, aim for excellence in all that they do. We value what every person brings to the table and know that, together, we will reach our shared, company-wide goals.

While our work is serious, we want our team to enjoy a fun and fascinating workplace and culture. Innovation and creativity thrive in a positive, supportive environment. At NSO, we strive for a balanced work culture.

We’re extremely proud of our team, and they make NSO an extraordinary company.


NSO is a leader in cyber technology thanks to our world-class experts who live and breathe innovation. Our employees are dynamic and enthusiastic professionals with a passion for developing technological solutions that lend themselves to creating a better and safer world. Our team has the flexibility, creativity, and intelligence to adapt and innovate to keep up with a changing world.



We firmly believe that happy, talented employees are the key to our success. Each and every one of our team members must feel recognized and valued. One of our core tenets is ensuring an office environment that supports good work and a positive employee experience.

Our work environment encourages creativity so we can meet sophisticated technological challenges head on, while providing benefits for a balanced lifestyle and positive workplace.

Our team receives comprehensive healthcare benefits, smartphones with data packages, gym memberships and sports activities, transportation, and ongoing learning. We also hold regular team and company events to build connections in our team and help everyone succeed.

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